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Florida International Soccer Academy (FISA) is a soccer organization that offers professional training, matches and tournaments for youth and adult soccer players of all ages and skill levels. We do not hold youth tryouts and we do accept every youth player.  Our belief is that every child or adult who wishes to participate should be afforded the opportunity to do so.  FISA offers youth and adult leagues and tournaments in outdoor soccer, sand soccer, futsal and two semi-professional UPSL soccer teams (Division 1 in Cocoa and Premier in Bradenton).  

Our training programs provide professional coaching and instruction for youth and adult soccer players from 2-25 years of age through a curriculum developed for specific age groups; Sokker Kidz for 2-5 year old players offers an introduction to soccer with fun games and creative activities geared to the youngest players.  FISA Future's Training is for 6-13 year old players and includes training that focuses on the development of individual and team soccer skills with professional coaches.

The FISA High School and Post-Graduate program is in conjunction with Arbor Valley Academy and is for players who wish to train and play in the UPSL in order to earn a scholarship to play in college or take their skills to the professional level (MLS and other leagues). Our Head Coach of the UPSL Premier team is David Vaudreuil, a former MLS soccer coach (reserve side) with the New England Revolution.  FISA provides student/athletes with the opportunity for full-time training not only in soccer but in tennis, golf, baseball and ESports as well. Student-athletes also have the opportunity to attend our private high school located in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Our Premier UPSL team trains in Sarasota, and our Academy Division One team trains in Cocoa Beach. 


Our Academy also offers specialized training in tennis, golf, and ESports (video games). Each sport has professional coaching, training on a 5-day per week basis throughout the entire school year.  The tennis players are taught by a team of coaches headed up by Dawn Bray, a former professional tennis player.  They train at a facility with twelve tennis courts less than a half-mile from our high school in Rockledge, Florida.  Our golfers train at Rockledge Country Club under the tutelage of Matt Morrison a former professional on the PGA tour.  The golfers have open access to play at the country club every weekday afternoon and evening. Our ESports team is unique in that it is one of only a handful of high school ESports high school teams in Florida.  Near to our campus are a number of colleges that offer scholarships to ESports players.  We do not guarantee our players that they will receive scholarships, but each player is in high demand.  Our ESports coach is Steve Chapman, a former military man with a passion for ESports. 

The FISA high-school and post-graduate high school program is in conjunction with Arbor Valley Academy (AVA) in Rockledge (Cocoa Beach).  At AVA, students can receive their high school diploma as well as take advanced trade courses in such areas as; creative writing, business, pre-law, psychology and literature. AVA offers additional sports such as tennis, golf, and an ESports team to play video games such as Rocket League and Mario Cart.

FISA Youth is based both in Sarasota and Cocoa.  FISA also manages Sokker Kidz programs with a curriuculum specifically designed for the 2-5 year old age group.  

FISA's goal is to offer as many opportunities to play soccer (and our other sports) as is possible; to accomplish this objective, FISA offers Beach Soccer tournaments, Team and Individual Player training, Futsal Leagues, Summer Camps and other events for both genders and all ages.

Coach David Trapp - Executive Director - (513) 692-3122 or [email protected] for further information.

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