David Trapp -  Executive Director 
Coach Trapp is a NSCAA Premier Licensed coach with over 45 years of youth and adult coaching experience.  Trapp has coached at various levels throughout his career including Olympic Development Programs (four states), high school boys and girls, youth teams at every level and he has taught college soccer courses at Miami University (Oh). His current program at Elevation Preparatory includes high school and post-graduate players who wish to compete at the highest level.
Coach Trapp has completed not only the Premier license course, but also the USYSA National Youth License, USYSA Goalkeeping course and a variety of Special Topic courses by different national soccer organizations.   In addition to a BA in English and a Masters in Curriculum Development, Coach Trapp has both a Specialist Degree and a Doctorate in Education (ABD) in Sports Management.  Most recently, Trapp developed a Sokker Kidz curriculum for 2-5 year old soccer players and now has programs in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Naples, Ft Myers, N Ft Myers and Cape Coral.
When asked why he continues to coach, Trapp replied "I just cannot quit, I love training, coaching and interacting with all my players."
Head Coach Federico Rodriguez - Head Coach EPA - Staff Coach FISA Youth - Staff Coach Sokkerkidz
Federico Rodriguez was born in Italy and raised in Argentina. In 2001, Coach Rodriguez moved to the United States and settled in Los Angeles.  In 2003 he made a cross-country move to Naples, Florida where he has since resided.  Federico has now moved to the Sarasota area where he is continuing to pursue his life-long ambition to coach, teach and referee soccer in all its beauty. 
Coach Fede's eclectic background gives him a wide perspective of the beautiful sport. At a young age,  Federico played futsal in South America where it is a very popular sport. He continued his playing career with Estudiantes De Buenos Aires before moving to the United States where played outdoor and indoor soccer in Los Angeles. In 2002 he made a cross-country move to Naples, Florida where he has since resided. In May 2019, while playing in a Bonita Springs soccer league, Federico broke his fibula and tibia on the soccer pitch. He had spent the last three years recovering from that injury by concentrating on his refereeing and coaching skills, while continuing to play his way back into match shape. 
Family oriented, Federico has two nearly-grown offpsring; a 18-year-old son that plays on the same team as his father, and his 16-year-old daughter who is a blossoming star in cross country.  Excited to follow his ambition, Federico will be teaching and serving as the Head Coach at Elevation Preparatory Academy. He will also be coaching FISA youth, while still partnering with Elevation Sports to continue growth of Futsal, Beach Soccer, Soccer Leagues and other sports in the Sarasota community and beyond.
Coach Juan David Ballesteros ​- EPA High School Assistant and FISA Youth Staff  Coach
Coach Juan David has worked in a number of different arenas including soccer, tennis and futnet.  He is working towards his certification in physiotherapy and has already displayed his experience with that industry at Universidad Manuela Beltran and Centro de Educacion Laboral.  Juan David participated as a player on a team that earned a fifth-place finish  in the Futnet World Championships, and he hopes to brings the skills that he learned in his younger soccer playing days to FISA to teach and instruct younger players, including EPA's high school and post-graduate team.  When asked what he enjoys most about soccer, Juan David replied; "I have belonged to several schools and soccer teams which has allowed me to work and improve my leadership skills.  I'm a passionate young man with the desire to contribute all my professional knowledge and experience I have acquired in soccer to other young people."
TRUE Speed & Agility Training - Coach Kevin Barr - Speed, Agility, Strength and Conditioning
Coach Kevin Barr directs the Speed, Agility and Conditioning program at Elevation Preparatory Academy and FISA.  TRUE Speed & Agil ity offers comprehensive athletic assessments along with individualized athletic-development programming and performance profiles.  Coach Barr has worked with professional sports franchises such as the Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays, KC Royals, Cincinnati Reds, LA Dodgers, the Chinese National team, and The Ohio State University.  Barr was also an Assistant Coach at the IMG Academy for the NFL Combine Preparation & Professional Track programs. His speed and agility progr ams are designed to provide objective performance data that is highly valued by every college soccer recruiting process and by professional soccer scouts. His highly technical measuring equipment assesses such things as power-control and reactive strength, visual reaction, movement-efficiency, reactive speed and agility, kicking-speed and mechanical efficiency.   After compliling his data, Kevin creates an individualized development program for each FISA soccer player to use throughout each season.  Coach Barr was asked how he feels about being part of the FISA team and succinctly replied, "I'm honored to be working with the FISA soccer program and assisting the athletes by identifying and achieving their performance goals."  FISA is also honored to have Coach Barr as an important member of our team.  
Prospect2Player - College Recruiting - Tony Doellefeld -  https://www.prospect2player.com/
Tony is a recruiting agent and partner in the Prospect2Player firm who has "committed to getting to know our prospective student athletes both on the field, but more importantly, off the field.  We try to find the best possible fits in terms of soccer, academics, location, budget, and so much more to allow them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams".   FISA is focused on ensuring that our soccer players have the opportunity to play at the highest levels including college and professionally.  Prospect2Player is an outstanding additional resource we have partnered with to ensure our student athletes get that opportunity. Tony has played professionally in both Spain and the United States and knows from a player's perspective what it takes to achieve your highest dreams.   When asked about why Prospect2Player wishes to partner with FISA, Tony stated, "I'm extremely excited to be working with David and his EPA FISA students.  Since our first conversation, I knew our ambitions aligned and that he is someone that truly cares about his players and their future".  Welcome aboard Tony. We anticipate great things from you!